Julie Houts
If you need a little levity in your Instagram feed, you need to follow Julie Houts. The J. Crew womenswear designer turned illustrator has earned her many followers and even a book deal for her hilarious work. "I make illustrations that have a writing component to them, often satirical," explains Houts. "As I come from a fashion design background, I think my work often has a fashion-y tilt to it in terms of the styling of the figures and their proportions."

Before the election, the illustrator's work was mostly social commentary. "Like many people, I was just devastated and shocked by the outcome of the election and the weeks following," says the artist. "I didn’t really consider it to be a shift or really notable when I began making some work that was political. It was the only thing I was thinking about. It came from a place of just trying to make sense of what was going on, and to express anger."