Mari Andrew
"The response and impact of everything I make has been a resounding 'Me too,' which is really special and wonderful to hear," says Andrew of her now 637k followers on Instagram. "As I make work about the way that I am personally processing political events, it's the exact same response and impact. I'm not clever enough to make insightful political cartoons and commentary — I'm just drawing out my feelings. That's it."

"When you tap into an authentic place within yourself, there's a good chance it will resonate with other people," she explains. "I'm not changing lives or opinions, but I think there's something powerful to be said for providing people with the feeling of 'I feel this way too.' It's visual comfort, and I hope it alleviates loneliness and fear a little bit."

She adds, "I know that Instagram is often responsible for giving people a sense of missing out on something, or not having a perfect and photogenic life. It's a privilege and responsibility for me to provide an antidote to that — a warm and comforting place that is vulnerable, raw, and not at all perfect."