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Jeremy Nguyen
Jeremy Nguyen is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who earned his chops illustrating for a variety of clients and publications. It wasn't until recently that the artist began dipping his toe into more political art. "My work feels a little bit classic with modern sensibilities," says Nguyen. "I tend to work with traditional media like paper and pen, and I really love the style of classic New Yorker cartoonist Chon Day."

"Politics were never really my strong suit," explains the artist. "I commented on social and cultural aspects of the world that may have been the effects of something political, but I never went after that world."

"The New Yorker opened up their Daily Cartoon feature to artists who had never done them before," he shares. "The spots usually had to do with the day's big news, so when every day's big news became about the current White House it was natural to make them the subject and target. And an easy target."