Mari Andrew

If you need some art that lifts you up, understands your anxiety, and inspires you to care for yourself, you need to follow Mari Andrew. Her honest illustrations are truly relatable and so important in this tumultuous political landscape. "My work is entirely personal. I draw my feelings, memories, experiences, perspective," says Andrew. "I'm not an artist [Editor's note: we beg to differ], so my aesthetic is very playful — I pretty much draw the same way I did when I was five."

"I illustrate things that are on my mind, and certain political issues affect me very deeply," she shares. "I'm so sensitive that it's actually hard for me to read the news very often (that's always been the case). I deal with my overwhelming sense of helplessness by writing and drawing — I always have. I just happen to have a slightly more public platform for my journal entries than I used to!"