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How This SoCal Family Home Upped Its Cool-Factor

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Photographed by Amy Bartlam for Ae Design.
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Crisp white walls, optimal space, and a boho-meets-mid-century modern objective are what took this Southern California home from drab to fab, says interior designer Amy Elbaum

"I reconnected with an old childhood friend who had just moved to the area and had kids the same age as mine — he had just purchased a new house and needed someone to help finish and furnish it," says Elbaum. "We have now become such great family friends and it's so nice to be able to spend time together in the house I designed for them."

Elbaum set out to create a uniquely contemporary space that best reflects the family's lifestyle, with splashes of color and pattern, brass finishes, and relaxed accents throughout, this revived family home makes us want to grab a book and switch off for the afternoon. But not before we've had a peek inside that gorgeous cane mini bar... for more interior inspiration, read on.

IKEA Book Shelves; Target Vases; Croft House Armchairs; Rejuvenation Mirror; Homegoods Vases; Anthropologie Rug.