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40 Tips That Make Spring Cleaning FUN

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After feeling super couped up all winter, the thought of daylight savings and spring finally arriving makes us want to squeal with pleasure. However, the topic of spring cleaning? Not so much. It’s pretty hard to get motivated to mop the floors when it’s getting nicer outside. Even a good playlist (which we recommend) as an incentive doesn’t always do the trick. Yep, we’d also rather watch Marie Kondo on Netflix rather than put her method into practice ourselves.

No matter the size of your abode, the task of cleaning up can feel super daunting — especially if you don’t have a cleaning crew (or housekeeper) to assist you. The stove you neglected all winter? That needs attention. The drawer filled with miscellaneous household items? Don’t forget about that! Those curtains you’ve been meaning to change since last spring? No better time than the present. All those expired beauty products? Totally time to toss ‘em. There are million small tasks that can instantly feel overwhelming, but we promise its totally worth it.

But what if we told you we had several hacks to ensure your hard work could last all year rather than just a few short weeks — or if you stretch it, months?  Enter Wiebke Liu, a clean-living expert, self-proclaimed plastic purger, and founder of home-organization resource Blisshaus, has a few ideas to make spring cleaning fun. Between her glass jars, all-natural cleaning concoctions, and beautiful bristles, her tactics make cleaning feel, we dare say “enjoyable.” And no, that’s not a stretch, Liu actually has a proven track record of success for all of her clients.

Here are 40 tips for organizing and cleaning your entire home the Blisshaus way. You’ll end up with a clean, more elegant, and eco-friendly space without a headache. Keep clicking to see how to whip your place into shape without dread.