Courtesy of Apt F; Designed by Briana Gagnier.
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We've always dreamt of pulling together an entire home using only artisan-made items. Finding one-of-a-kind pieces that hold stories, culture, and meaning is perhaps the most exciting part of decorating a home. Even better, finding items that support the communities from which they are made can make a home feel purposeful. 

In an effort to make our dream of curating an entire home made from global and local artisans, we scoured the internet for a few very special, traditional handmade items. Although we found hundreds of incredible pieces, we narrowed down our twelve favorite finds — and we didn't stop there. 

We even performed some creative brainstorming on where and how we'd integrate these pieces into a home, pondering which room each object would belongRead ahead to find out how we'd style an entire home with these handpicked, global goods.