Photographed by Monica Wang for Lonny.
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Need to instill order and purpose back into your home? Why not try out the Chinese art of placement, feng shui? While konmari may be making waves in the world for a minimalist approach to living, feng shui is all about organizing the home to create a personal and intentional space.

Catherine Brophy, a feng shui expert and interior designer, gave us a clearer view of the practice. "People often don’t really know what it is and are afraid to understand it. After all, it is a bit magical," says Brophy. "Feng shui is a discipline that aligns people in their environment. It looks at a person’s makeup and harmonizes a person with their surroundings."

Not only can the practice bring alignment to your home, but it can also support you and your goals. "Feng shui allows space to become your ally and champion. You can put intentions into space and have it support you," she says. Uh, seems like feng shui is exactly what we need to get through 2017. Click through to learn how you can get your home working for you.