Brian Buchsdruecker
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For many, the idea of above-the-garage living drums up images of a teen trying to break from parental control. Well, this project by designer Alykhan Velji proves that sentiment very wrong and takes small-space living to the next level. In what he viewed as a unique design challenge, an above-the-garage property was contoured into a multi-layered apartment featuring a lounge, bar, room, and more.

“The homeowners love to entertain and wanted a space where they could host parties but also have overnight guests,” Velji says. Their goal was to create a lounge-style atmosphere without feeling like a typical game room." With its film-noir palette, customized features, and unexpected materials, such as the black-bamboo etched backsplash in the bar area, the rooms read more luxury suite than grandma's garage. 

Looking for inspiration on how to reimagine your own small nook? Look no further.

By Jacqueline deMontravel