Photographed by Julia Wade for A Well-Crafted Home.
Beginner: Natural Jute Rug
“Inspired by Scandinavian design, this rug is a grounding force right next to your bed,” writes Crowther. “I adore this rug with its easygoing vibe, earth-tone shades, and rich texture. I’ve seen similar DIYs for this type of rug before, but all of them call for a hot-glue gun and a lot of patience.”

“I don’t like the thought of using a hot-glue gun on something that is going to get repeated use, as it generally does not stand the test of time. After a few attempts I came up with this method, utilizing painter’s tape, fabric glue, and some fabric for reinforcement and long-term durability,” she writes. “I think you’ll like the streamlined process. This rug can be created using the same technique in many shapes and sizes. Try a long runner or a small entryway mat. Make this work for you!”