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How To Make An Amazing Modern DIY At Every Skill Level

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Photographed by Julia Wade for A Well-Crafted Home.
1. Spray-paint the wire basket and the wire ring. Cut 24 two yard pieces of twine and lay them flat on a table. Once the wire basket is dry, lay it on the table, with the small opening facing up. Take one piece of twine and fold it in half. With the bottom loop of twine, thread it under one section of the wire basket, right under the center round ring. Grab the ends of the twine and push them around the bottom ring, then back up through the twine loop. Pull tight to create a loop around the ring with two separate one yard strands.
2 .Thread one white bead over both strands and pull it down to the loop. (From here on out, the two strands of twine will remain separate. You can thread a large-eye needle on the twine to help you get the beads on, but you can probably just push them through if needed.)
3. On one of the twine strands, thread five round wood beads. Then thread one white bead. Lastly, thread seven more wood beads. Holding the beads on the strand, flip the wire basket over. Push all the beads down as far as you can toward the small ring. Take the twine and pull it up to meet the larger ring (making sure to stay in the same basket section).
4. Create a secure knot around the large ring with the twine. I like to make at least two knots around the wire basket, then bring the longer end of the twine down and knot it one more time around the top of the last wooden bead threaded onto the twine.
5. With this same piece of twine, thread on more beads in this order: five wood, one white, ten wood, one white, five wood, one white. Pull all the beads down, as close as possible to the wire basket. Tie the five inch wire ring onto the thread right above the last white bead. Tie at least two secure knots around the ring and then bring the twine back down through two of the wood beads and tie another knot around and onto itself. Pull the end of the twine through another two beads and trim the excess twine with scissors.
6. Repeat steps three to five, beading the remaining lengths of twine. Make sure to work in the same section on the basket and keep the metal ring and the metal basket lined up. (Be careful not to knot a strand on the wrong side of the ring or the basket won’t hang correctly.)
7. Continue adding more strands of beads in each section on the basket until you have 14 sections in all (with two strands per section on the top wire ring). Make sure to loop each new piece of twine in the center of each section. Once you bead the whole basket, you can even out the spacing between each strand. I liked the look of pulling the strands close to each wire section, but it’s up to you.
8. Attach the hardware: Take one of the crossbars and remove and discard the green screw. Put one crossbar on top of the other and stretch them out to about five-and-three-quarter inches long. Two holes should meet up in the center of the crossbars. Put the eye hook down into the centermost hole and cap the screw side with the wire nut.
9. Place the extended and joined crossbar across the center top of the small wire ring. Wire on the crossbar with the steel wire. Make sure to loop the wire around several times on both sides of the crossbar, making it completely secure. Snip off excess wire with clippers.
10. Wrap the light cord, socket side inside the beaded light fixture. You can knot the cord to the crossbar or use the eye hook to feed the cord through and knot it.

If you are going to permanently ceiling-mount this light, consult a professional electrician for the best hardware to match your existing ceiling hardware and wiring.