Make A Morning Ritual
“Waking up rushing is no way to live,” says Lenéa Sims, founder and editor of Gooey Girl, a online publication dedicated to self-care. “Lucky for you it takes just three minutes of self-love to set yourself up for a successful day ahead.”

“Once you’ve hit snooze a few times and scrolled through your Insta feed, sit up and give yourself a good stretch, pulling your head slowly to each side and raising your arms over your head. Once you’re loose, liven up your senses with a spritz of Topaz Chakra spray, filling your space with good vibes,” Sims recommends. “Next, recite a few affirmations that set the tone for a day of positivity. ‘I am peace and love,’ ‘Choose optimism,’ and ‘I am worthy’ are a few of my faves.”

Sims adds, “Finish up by forcing a big cheesy grin for thirty seconds or so. This definitely feels a bit silly the first few times, but it’s been proven to reduce stress so give it a go!”