Photographed by Ian Van Veen Shaughnessy.
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They say your Myers-Briggs personality type changes over the years. So, out of curiosity, we took the test again. As it turns out, the results (which can indicate how outgoing you are, how much you need quiet time, what your tendencies are) can inform us how to organize our homes just as well as what work environment we need. Needless to say, we rounded up all of our findings right here. 

If you're unsure about your results, find out everything you need to know on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Here, you can learn how the test works and find out which personality type you identify with most. Then, check out how we recommend you style your living space based on your results. From how to prepare your bathroom for relaxation to how to organize your office space, we've got it all here. If that's not smart design, we don't know what is.