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How To Style A Small Space, The Justina Blakeney Way

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Courtesy of Decorist.
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We never tire of browsing design pro Justina Blakeney’s inspired hashtag #jungalowstyle. But, seeing it IRL? Well, you can’t beat that.

The blogger, designer, and author took on the challenge of re-imagining Decorist founder Gretchen Hansen’s landing (as one of Decorist's featured celebrity designers) in her three-story S.F. home and the results are understated, boho vibes all the way.

While still sticking to her signature style, Blakeney luxed it up by featuring gold accents and lovely, lived-in textures. “I wanted the space to feel bright and sophisticated, but because the top floor has the kids’ rooms, I also wanted it to be playful and comfortable,” she tells Lonny. Take a look at the pics ahead and we dare you not to flip.