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How To Test Instagram's Favorite Bed

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Courtesy of Floyd.
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Floyd, an innovative furniture company that began with a Kickstarter campaign, is rethinking the way you stay. Known for its “bed frame that goes with anywhere,” Floyd teamed up with Airbnb hosts to implement its design into six different homes. Each of the locations is handpicked by Floyd and highly sought after by the Airbnb market. The furniture disruptor chose destinations in Catskills, Detroit, San Francisco, Joshua Tree, Sonoma City, and Toronto to display its proudest product.

You may be wondering, what exactly makes this bed so great? For starters, it requires no tools to assemble—just your two hands. Manufactured in America from birch wood and form-bent steel, the Floyd bed is beckoning your sleep test approval via a few well-arranged getaways accompanied by stunning views and impeccable design. Here are our favorite shots from the collaboration that will probably convince you to #StayFloyd.