Courtesy of Quiet Town.
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The bathroom is oft an overlooked room in the home. And, traditionally, the quickest way to upgrade it (without tearing down any walls, of course) is through subtle decor touches.

But, it wasn’t until we spotted Brooklyn-based Quiet Town did we realize the true transformative power of a shower curtain.

Founded by stylist and former fashion editor Lisa Fine and photographer husband Michael Fine, the line is an intersection of eco-friendly curtains and mats that are elevated, texturally-driven, and a far cry from the snoozy vinyl iterations.

“Whenever I’d go shopping for the bathroom I was always so uninspired,” Lisa tells Lonny. “And if I was coming up short then I was pretty sure other people were, too.” Well, we’re lucky she did, because ahead is a look at Quiet Town's tranquil items your bathroom’s been missing all along.