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How 2 Designer Best Friends Made Their Office A Stylish Shoppable Space

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Courtesy of The Playhouse.
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When curating your own workspace, it's always a good idea to add in a few pieces to bring some joy to your desk. Well when interior designers Tali Roth and Tina Rich decided to get an office together, they went the extra mile by transforming the 250-square-foot space into a total aesthetic treat dubbed The Playhouse.

“Our work is very creative (but also really tedious sometimes!!) and we wanted a space that kept us inspired and motived," shares Tina Rich. "It needed to be bright and fun — which is where the name The Playhouse came from! We wanted to fill the space with the work of makers and artist that we love, unique vintage finds, and our own custom-designed pieces."

"We also really wanted to try out some brave ideas that hadn’t really found a place in our client’s spaces," she adds. "We ended up with a '70s Mediterranean vibe which reflected both our styles.”

Not only is it an amazing spot to get work done, but the pair also made The Playhouse entirely shoppable. "It became clear that it could be a space our clients or followers could engage with and buy items from if they so desired," says Roth. "It’s a hybrid of a showroom and an office.”

Want to take a tour? Read ahead to learn the story behind this cool curated space.