7. Fear of Not Having Enough Storage
A place for everything, and everything in its place. OK, we get that. But since when does every object need a tailor-made coffin? And if you have a built-in closet, do you really need a dresser? Does every dining room need a sideboard? Do you need a magazine rack if you read your favorite publications on your iPad? It’s smart to anticipate future needs, but one should never build storage for anticipated future hoarding. If you have too many shoes to fit in your closet, why not do a little decluttering before you build a shoe closet? Before you build another shelf for your book collection, weed out old books that no longer hold meaning for you, and remember that, in five or 10 years, the bulk of your reading material will likely be housed in an electronic reader or other virtual home. We have less stuff than we used to, so think twice before adding storage out of habit or by default.