Photographed by Carol Vaziri.
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As someone who sees the work that goes into a home shoot (and how unlivable styled rooms can look), I've been enticed by the idea of having to function in one.

There's just no way someone (especially if you throw kids or pets into the mix) can move around in a home that is styled the to max. To prove (or disprove) that point, we thought it would be fun to actually test that theory out. 

I invited stylist Leah Harmatz of Field Theory into my living room to put my things in picture-ready places and challenge me to keep them like that. The result? Surprisingly, not as hard I thought. Hmm, so maybe I was wrong? Maybe people really can (and do!) live like this. Read on to see how I survived in a styled room for a week.

Photographed by Carol Vaziri;Styled by Leah Harmatz.