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Throw The Best Party Ever — Thanks To These Pro Tips

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Photographed by Ian Van Veen Shaughnessy.
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Ditch The Floral Wall
“A lot of people are into flower walls, but as much as we hate to be a downer, it’s the fastest way to break the bank,”  Stembel adds. “Instead, go to your local florist and choose two to three varieties of tropical foliage and lay them down on the center of your table, overlapping the leaves to create a stunning table runner."

"Next, grab a few random vases from your cupboard and fill them with cool, clean water. Gather some carnations in your hand and stagger the height of the flowers by two to three inches in your hand," she explains. "Using the vase as your guide, trim the stems, keeping them staggered in your hand, to the height of the vessel plus about an inch.”