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Inside A Los Angeles Designer's Moonlit Dinner Party

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If there’s one designer who embodies the ease and effortlessness of Los Angeles living, it’s got to be Rachel Pally. Pally has been in the game since 2002, really making her one of the early pioneers of Cali-cool (with a focus on sustainably produced, body-positive goods). She’s a fixture in the Los Angeles clothing community.

And, last month we got a sneak peek at that community and her creative cohorts. We ventured down to her Los Angeles pad (which has views unlike any we’ve ever seen) for a poolside dinner and women’s circle with Elizabeth Antonia of The Littlest.

The night started out by sunset-drenched mingling by the pool and cocktails by Hi-Lo Liquors, followed by a supermoon-lit dinner (with bites from La Femme Epicure) packed to the brim with Los Angeles’ most hard-working ladies.

After, we all gathered around Pally’s cozy living room for a women’s circle where we opened up about the moon, it’s impact on us, and how we can make our homes full of warmth and love. Click ahead to get a lens into the inspiring evening.