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Inside An Artist's Streamlined Work-Live Loft

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Photographed by Maria Del Rio for Lonny.
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With generous strokes of calming blues, grays, greens — peering at Heather Day’s artwork is almost a meditative experience. An art piece that offers a peace of mind. “They’re stories about my investigations of moments in life, nature and emotions,” the San Francisco-based artist explains to Lonny.

“I’m building a vocabulary of marks and sharing my language with the viewer on canvas.” We’ve been fans of the painter’s loose, abstract works for a while and in the age of Instagram, we just can’t seem to escape her beautiful creations (not that’d we ever want to!).

So, when Day invited us in to be the first to get a peek at her home (which also doubles as her studio) we were there in a heartbeat.

It's full of creative, space-saving tweaks to make the space super cozy but efficient for getting work done, and of course, ample art. The place is three stories high with a custom-made bench on the second floor, a tiny bedroom nook dubbed “the treehouse” and more. Okay, let’s take a tour, shall we?