Photographed by Anton Rodriguez for Lonny.
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Gigi Foyle, Irish visionary and co-founder of neon art label bag&bones, lights up when she speaks about her bright designs, quite literally.

Alongside her sister, Cavanagh Foyle, Gigi established her glowing empire via LED tube lighting. She founded the company in her sheer appreciation for vibrant colors just one year ago, and since then, her pieces have been included in curated spaces by the likes of Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen, to name a few.

Gigi’s passion for vibrancy burns just as bright as her light-up creations. She tells Lonny, “I’ve always found it hard to explain, but the lights just have such an uplifting effect on my mood. They still give me butterflies no matter how often I see them – and I hope that never changes!” Color is perhaps one of the most impactful elements of a home, and Gigi’s living space reflects a keen understanding of that.

“It wouldn’t take a visitor long to realize that red is my color of choice – if I absolutely had to choose one. It ties the whole house together from top to bottom and I love the sense of passion it evokes,” Gigi says. And, she possesses a deep awareness of her own interior style. “I’d say my general design aesthetic verges on the minimal, and that probably explains my love of primary colours.”

The English designer’s London home is a bright-light haven, flooded with LED and natural lights alike. Playful prints, thoughtful art, and innovative details also fill the designer’s space, making it just as whimsical and radiant as Gigi herself.  

Photographed by Anton Rodriguez for Lonny. Styled by Sania Pell for Lonny.