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This Ceramicist's Williamsburg Apartment Is A Wabi Sabi Dream

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Photographed by Sharon Radisch for Lonny.
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For Brooklyn-based designer Virginia Sin decorating a home is relatively simple. If you don't love it, don't buy it.

"My home looks a lot like my studio in the sense that I don't make anything that I don't love enough to live with," Sin pragmatically explains. "In other words, I'm drinking the Sin Kool Aid." 

Inside her 659-square-foot abode, situated on the Brooklyn waterfront and boasting dazzling views of Manhattan, Sin's signature style, earthy ceramics, and wabi sabi treasures hold pride of place. Need to see more of this beautifully balanced Williamsburg apartment? Scroll through our gallery for the full tour.

Sin Planter; Cold Picnic Rug; Sin Platform Chair; Mike Lee Artwork; Porter James, Sin Pillows; Vintage Guitar; Vintage Floor Lamp; Muuto Sofa.