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Inside Resy's Vintage Restaurant-Inspired NYC Office

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Photographed by Claire Esparros and Kenny Wassus for Resy.
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Ever book a restaurant reservation through Resy? Well the software company just booked themselves for an amazing office design. Thanks to the skilled work by the designers at Hyphen & Co., Resy has some brand new digs seasoned with vintage additions and fun eclectic details.

“This was a modern office inspired by hospitality and restaurant interiors,” shares designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks. “Resy is an app for curated hospitality that encompasses design, the menu, and the service. We made sure that the space was designed to reflect every aspect.”

From custom wallpaper to a flexible space ready for entertaining, this office is like few we have ever seen. We asked Lynch-Sparks to give us some insight into her design and take us on a tour. Read ahead to get a closer look.