Photographed by Nicki Sebastian for Lonny.
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“I’m a bit of a Nomad,” Claire Thomas tells Lonny. This statement is perhaps evidenced by her ability to pick up and move (and not to mention oversee major renovation projects in the process) every two years or so.

It’s safe to say The Kitchy Kitchen star and host of ABC’s Food For Thought is basically an expert when it comes to relocating and reimagining spaces.

But, her most recent Sherman Oaks mid-century modern home wasn’t exactly a walk in the park when it came to the clean-up. “The foundation needed to be patched, a huge beam needed to be put into the kitchen, and a few sections of the house needed hardwood floors,” Thomas tells us.

Well the hard work certainly paid off and Thomas now has an abode that exudes retro charm intersected with modern sensibility. See for yourself ahead.