Photographed by Ashley Batz for Lonny.
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The Rebecca Atwood covered chairs are truly stunning. Tell us more about creating this impact in your living room.
"I had two sets of antique chairs from my mom — these arm chairs and the dining chairs. I love the pieces, but the upholstery was straight out of 1988 — sorry mom, I know it was totally chic then!"

"I knew I wanted to recover them, so I needed to buy fabric by the yard. I chose Rebecca Atwood’s Speckled Smoke for the armchairs and Zak + Fox’s Yamato for the dining chairs. I am friends with both designers and love their lines. I’m in the process of recovering my desk chair in our Kuba Cloth at the moment. Recovering furniture can make all the difference to transform a piece you’re tired of into something you suddenly see as spectacular."