Photographed by Ashley Batz for Lonny.
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How do you split your time between sourcing items and focusing on the business at home?
"I spend a lot of time working to build our supply chain while I was developing our product, before we launched. I took a month-long trip around the world meeting with potential suppliers. Many of our current suppliers today I met on that trip. Now we do much of our work with suppliers remotely. In addition to travel, we source through tradeshows, networking, research, and suppliers coming to us."

"Our COO Steph Peng, leads all of our supplier relationships and new product development. She and I take two to three international trips a year together. We’re about to go to West Africa at the end of October. The rest of the time we’re working at home on product design and she’s iterating with artisan partners over email, Skype, WhatsApp. Most of my time, at this point, is focused on other aspects of growing the business."