Photographed by Ashley Batz for Lonny.
You studied Art History in college. Were you always drawn to design and how did your studies influence your career path?
"I’ve always cared about and enjoyed art and design. I love beautiful products. Studying art history, however, showed me the power that art has to tell incredibly rich, multifaceted cultural and historical stories."

"That aspect of working in art and design is what I find most interesting and fulfilling. I hope that St. Frank pieces — combining traditional artisan-made authentic aspects, and modern design, curation and finishing — gives a look into one of the most beautiful aspects of the culture of my generation.

"I think that story is one of a generation that is curious about the world, desires and dares to travel off the beaten bath and get to know people different from them, values authentic pieces with rich stories, demands ethical sourcing, and invests in creating a beautiful, storied space that is all their own."