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Inside The Stately Home Of Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Jeet Sohal

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Photographed by Jenna Peffley for Lonny.
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To step foot into Jeet Sohal of Bare Collection’s Hancock Park home is to enter a space filled with the quiet essence of Hollywood’s golden era. But, the stately design and craftsmanship is blended with the modern-day approachability and function a family of five requires.

As the founder of the minimalist fine jewelry line Bare Collection and mother of three young boys, she understands the importance and delicate balance of intention around each purchase.

The regal home sits in a cozy enclave amid the busy Los Angeles streets and once was home to the great John Barrymore (yes, Drew’s grandfather) — so you bet it’s filled to the brim with classic formal features that will have you doing a second take.

We were so thrilled to peek inside the home and get the scoop on the history, process, and inspiration behind one of the prettiest abodes we’ve seen to date.

Photographed by Jenna Peffley for Lonny; Styled by Tammy Price/Fragments Identity.