Instagram Stories: The Dream Weaver

Portland-based macrame artist Emily Katz shares the insights, inspirations, and imagery that make her feed a must-follow.

Macrame weaver Emily Katz nuzzles her cat Cowbear in the bathroom of her Portland, Oregon home. Portrait by Brianne Willis of @girlsandtheircats. 
Macrame weaver Emily Katz nuzzles her cat Cowbear in the bathroom of her Portland, Oregon home. Portrait by Brianne Willis of @girlsandtheircats

At first glance, Emily Katz may seem like a character straight out of a certain sketch comedy: a Portland-based macrame artist who teaches her craft to Oregon and Brooklyn hipsters alike. But there's more to the creative consultant than her boho wall hangings. Her Instagram feed reveals a keen eye for interiors and a way with various food menus, a passion for the natural world and a happily wandering spirit. "It's really important to just be yourself," she says. "I mean, I make my living making beauty in the world and teaching macrame workshops. It's a pretty hilarious and awesome place to be, and I am so grateful." Here, a look at the world according to Emily.

Instagram Stories: Emily Katz
Instagram Stories: Emily Katz


"My partner in life and design, Adam Porterfield, shares his beautiful home with me. He, his dad, and some friends remodeled a 1906 Craftsman in 2008; I moved in in 2012, and added my touches to the incredibly thoughtful space he had loving created. It's great to work on it together; it's an always evolving creature, and I'm excited about the experiments we come up with. I love moving furniture around, creating comfortable and well-lit nooks. I like texture and materials and how they can change the sound of the space you are in, and I'm mostly interested in natural materials: wood, fiber, glass. Our house was featured on Portlandia once. It was fun to be a part of it—all of our friends are pretty much who Portlandia makes fun of."

the CRAFT 

"I feel like I'm living my dream life everyday, and that anything I can dream up can pretty much happen. My mom taught me how to macrame, and it has been an incredible way to reconnect with her. It kind of fell into my lap, and I'm running with it and loving sharing it with the world. I really freaked out with excitement when my macrame tent was put up for the first time. I worked so hard on it, and it had been the cause of a lot of trial and error. It was such a personal achievement. I loved that I was able to create such a romantic space within that little macrame house."

Instagram Stories: Emily Katz


"I began #tripamonth as a New Years resolution in 2012. The rules were that I had to sleep at least one night every month somewhere that wasn't home, even if it’s a night in a tent in the backyard. So far I have succeeded. I always wanted to travel for work, and I'm so happy that I get to see different places around Oregon, the U.S., and the world. I want to go everywhere. My favorite trips have been: surprising our friends in Bali; also, taking our truck out to the beach. We found a secret camping spot by a river and have parked there a few times to watch the stars and sleep with the windows open, under piles of woolen blankets. I love waking up in the morning, stretching, and jumping into the water before having my coffee."

Instagram Stories: Emily Katz


"I love being outside. I love the smells of the forest, the ocean, the desert. I love the nostalgia that fills me up when I'm in nature—nostalgia of being totally free. I love foraging for crystals, mushrooms, and wood to make my macrame pieces on. I've been loving the travel feeds and arty photography feeds. I like to follow people from cities I am soon planning to visit, that way I can get a pre-insider's guide to a town. I like to follow foodies and photographers and stylists. I'm inspired by days off, massages, naps, books that make me laugh, and my animals. Also, people who are passionate about what they do. I'm really inspired by chefs and people who make beauty out of simple ingredients, whether it is food, fashion, or interiors."

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