Patrick Cline / Lonny
"Paint a Small Space a Light Color"
Most people know that one of the easiest ways to create an airy space in a tight room is to paint walls, trim, ceilings, and even the floor in shades of white. But using a dark wall color in a small room is a trick that many interior designers use to create a sense of depth.

Painting walls in a warm gray, deep brown, or navy blue, for example, can fool the eye into not knowing where the wall begins and ends, creating an illusion of more space. If you’re decorating a room with only one wall of windows, a dark accent color will frame and showcase the view. 

When using a dark color in a small room, be sure to balance it with reflective materials, such as mirrors, mirrored furniture, and metallics, and incorporate table or floor lamps to ensure that the room has a warm glow.