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Interior Design Rules You Should Break

"Don't Mix Old and New"
One of the fastest routes to a boring room is sticking to a single style or period. The most livable and inspiring rooms combine old and new pieces in a variety of styles to give them an effortless sense of having been assembled over time.

An easy way to mix old and new is to consider a room’s architecture. If you live in a 1930s house, you can incorporate some period pieces, and then add contemporary lighting, rugs, or accessories to bring the rooms into the 21st century. If you live in a brand new high-rise apartment, choose a Persian rug, an antique mirror, or a vintage chandelier to create a sense of history and warmth.

If, like many people, you live in a cookie-cutter space, mixing vintage and contemporary pieces will give your home personality and dimension. Stick to a neutral color scheme and your flea market finds will blend right in with your IKEA staples, creating texture and subtle contrasts.