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Is Every Space Now Being Designed For Instagram?

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By now, everyone knows that Instagram is essentially one big highlight reel of our everyday lives. Even with its smoke-and-mirrors nature, the app still remains a top-performing platform for discovery and inspiration. While some people may roll their eyes at the sight of yet another #FriyayRose boomerang, others have completely embraced the trend.

In fact, some are even creating experiences and spaces designed around this desire. From restaurants that offer Insta-worthy entrances and decor to museums that cater to our need to share, the rise of Instagram tourism is taking over both online and IRL. By providing a space that looks good on camera, spaces are luring in regular folk and well-known influencers alike who all have the same goal in mind: getting the perfect 'gram.

So what is it that makes something so Instagram-friendly? Keep reading to discover the tricks to creating photo-ready spaces.