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As we enter a new year, we sadly must part with a few home décor trends that we thought would live forever. (We’re looking at you, gold flatware!)

Yet in the midst of these unavoidable farewells, a new color trend has emerged: black. Sure, it’s a color that has never really gone out of style, but these days we are seeing more liberal — and perhaps more sophisticated — applications of the moody hue.

Inspired by March’s tone-on-tone table setting from their winter lookbook, we have been on the hunt for more must-haves in the sleek shade to add to our design arsenal.

From inky-toned taper candles that give your dining table a dreamy glow, to an onyx colored place setting that extends more depth than its pattern counterparts can muster, black in décor is inherently dramatic, effortlessly chic and decidedly on trend.