Courtesy of Trulia.
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Just when Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t get any more relatable, we found out that the actress spent eight years living in a condo. That’s right. Even though the Oscar winner made $26 million for the Hunger Games franchise, she continued to live in her $879,000 Santa Monica townhouse until she purchased her new celeb-approved home back in 2014.

Jen is finally letting go of her original digs with an asking price of $1.15 million, according to Trulia. While the price is low for Hollywood standards, it's still a pretty penny for most folks in their 20s. Complete with two stories, two bathrooms, and lots of space that's perfect for entertaining all her co-stars, it seems like the perfect spot for a young celeb to lay down her L.A. roots.

Click through and explore the actress’s starter home. Honestly we aren’t surprised by how low-key this house is. This is J. Law we’re talking about.