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Karlie Kloss's New Klossy Office Is Seriously Dreamy

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Photographed by Genevieve Garruppo for Homepolish.
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When supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss wanted to take her company to the next level, she knew that finding a gorgeous office was an essential. Between Kode With Klossy, an organization that empowers girls to follow careers in coding, and her YouTube channel Klossy, the girlboss was in need of a space for her expanding team to get to work.

“Starting your own organization is an amazing but equally scary process, so creating a space where my team can grow and learn together is very important to me,” says Kloss. “Having this office space is a big next step for us as we continue to scale towards an exciting future.”

After securing her new digs, the business owner recruited Tina Rich of Homepolish to transform the empty office into a productive (and beautiful!) space. With a little help from Lulu & Georgia, the Klossy team can now pursue their goal of making sure the future is female.