Lonny's Top Kitchen Pins: Tami Ramsay

It’s easy to see why this appealing white kitchen—a floor-to-ceiling addition that was part of an Athens, Georgia, renovation designed by interiors expert Tami Ramsay for her family—was such a favorite among the lonny.com community. Practical, bright, and beautifully planned, here’s a space whose elements provide lots of food for thought. For instance:

1. Round pendant lamps and red rug give the otherwise all-white room welcome hits of color. And a related style point: the designs of both the peacock lamps and the rug are characterized by an internal complexity of shape that brings still more interest and depth. Add to that the decorative platter hung in the dark niche above the range [description accurate enough?], the metallic cup-shaped cabinet hardware, and the dark color used for the interior of the open shelving and you have a design that gains intrigue and variety as you gaze.

2. The island’s overhang forms a simple, commonsense storage bay for the barstools when not in use, thus contributing to the free-and-easy traffic flow achieved overall.

3. Those classic casement windows usher in copious natural light—so helpful in a work area in which multiple tasks, some very involved, are performed every day. If you’re contemplating your own new construction or kitchen remodel—or if you’re simply on the lookout (aren’t we always!) for great design inspiration, this image presents some brilliant classic solutions to the basic issues all kitchens must master.
I'm the former Executive Editor of Lonny.
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