Lonny's Top Bath Pins: Julia Leach

Tastemaker Julia Leach, founder of the lifestyle brand Chance, designed this slice of Hollywood Regency heaven for her apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. While some might discard black out of hand as a wall-color choice for a small, windowless bathroom, there’s a definite aesthetic return on the investment. Dividends include:

1. Drama windfall
The glossy black of the wood-paneled walls creates a luxe contrast with the classic white hexagonal bathroom tiles and evocative Greek column–like pedestal sink. Such glam touches as the pair of vintage ceramic sconces and the framed artworks—which are strikingly showcased against the dark background—as well as the graphic, foliage-print shower curtain help give personality to a room that might otherwise might be drab and plain.

2. Comfort infusion
Black enhances the richness and depth of the space; it draws you into a classy ambience that has great and complex character—a cozy and relaxing Deco-inflected sanctuary.

3. Reflection enhancement
Between the two white expanses of the floor and ceiling, the black walls receive and bounce back a lot of light. The large sconces flanking the medicine chest, as well as the recessed overhead fixture [CK] are great choices in this room and offer ample radiance—and the mirrored medicine chest makes a contribution too. Black can have great payback in a small bathroom. However, as is frequently the case, the details can make all the difference: here, carefully chosen illumination, artwork, and accessories combine with the dark walls to lift the space light years beyond ordinary.
I'm the former Executive Editor of Lonny.
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