Jason Miller/Getty Images North America; Courtesy of Trulia.
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LeBron scored on the real estate court after swooping up a brand new home in sunny California. Located in Brentwood, the lavish $23 million estate comes with with eight bedrooms, a stunning backyard, and lots of Spanish marble, according to Trulia.

The basketball player already owns large homes in Akron and Miami, but nothing is too much for the basketball MVP. And now that's he's in LA full time as a member of the Lakers, Lebron must be happy that he invested in such a sweet space for him and his family (James has been married to his wife Savannah since 2013 and the pair have three children together).

With stunning views of Downtown Los Angeles in one direction and the Pacific Ocean in the other direction, this home is certainly fit for a king. Click ahead to check out the rest of Lebron's estate.