Bauer Griffin
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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood's brightest stars, so it makes sense that his one-time Malibu home was fit for a king. Actually, he bought the home nearly two decades ago, back in 1998, for $1.6 million and we can assume that he spent some of his earnings from Titanic on the "starter" home. 

He owned the beach pad for 18 years before putting it up for sale for $10.95 million in 2016, then changed it to a rental property that fetches upwards of $190,000 per month. (Imagine that!) 

After all, the private property includes three separate buildings — a 4-bedroom main house, a 2-bedroom guesthouse, and a loft with an extra bedroom, a gym, and an office. We would expect nothing less for the A-lister. Here's your sneak peek at his former summer retreat, which is still a rental property.