Photo: Courtesy of Lunya.
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We don’t always think about what we wear to bed — and most nights we typically wind up in an old t-shirt. We wish we could be those individuals who rest their heads down for the night in a sleek matching jammie set or chic silk robe.

Well, thanks to Ashely Merrill of Lunya we’re one step closer to having that dream come true (no pun intended). The SoCal-based entrepreneur is changing the sleepwear game with her offerings that intersection function, fashion, and a good night's rest.

Think wide-leg bedtime jumpsuits or cashmere merino robes that might just double as your winter outerwear. We tapped Merrill to give us her insights on everything from starting your own business (she founded her Lunya with no fashion background — impressive) to her must-know nighttime rituals. We've never been more excited about sleep.