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Lo Bosworth's L.A. Home Is The Definition Of Cali-Cool

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Photographed by Lu Tapp for AllModern.
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You might remember Lo Bosworth from her days on The Hills, but this #girlboss has been getting busy since her reality TV days. Since founding the women's health company Love Wellness and her blog The Lo Down in NYC, Lo has made the move back to the best coast. With the help of AllModern, she transformed her new L.A. pad into a perfectly Cali-cool retreat.

"I moved in to this place with a clean slate so I got to design from the ground up! I wanted the living room to have a large, inviting couch for friends to crash on, a great dining area for dinner parties, and a really attractive outdoor area with tons of seating," shares Lo Bosworth. "I really wanted to create spaces where friends and family would want to hang out over and over again!"

The result? A beautiful home with natural textures, modern design, and cozy spaces perfect for a party. Read ahead to take a peek at the entire redesign (which you can also shop at AllModern!).