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We'd Relocate For This Creative Brooklyn Townhouse

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Photographed by Christian Torres for LocalHaus.
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For creative New York couple and LocalHaus founders, Ben and Lauren Lindsey, finding their dream home didn't come without its challenges.

The pair inspected "about 50" pre-war, Brooklyn townhouses, some better than others — but none without their quirks. Eventually, the family of four stumbled across their "diamond in the rough", and have been quietly converting their live-work space ever since.

"We’re on the border of the Park Slope and Greenwood neighborhoods, in Brooklyn — or South Slope, in real estate parlance," explains Ben Lindsey. "It’s a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood, it reminds us of what it might have been like to live here 50 years ago."

Ready for the full tour? Click through our gallery to see inside this creatively restored home.

ABC Carpet & Home Armchairs; Shop Joinery Rug; ABC Carpet & Home Coffee Table; Virginia Sin Candlestick; Design With Reach Stool; Crate & Barrel Vase; Lauren Lindsey Artwork; Block Shop Textiles Artwork; Design Within Reach Ottoman; West Elm Lamp; Menu Lamp.