Photographed by Christian Torres for LocalHaus.
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A Family Affair

A DIY dining table, IKEA pendant light, and a large artwork by Inka Bell (sourced via Uprise Art) decorates the family's dining area.

"We shopped for all the materials for every project, big and small," says Lindsey. "We got dirty, inhaled way too much sawdust, and tried to work with contractors who could teach us a thing or two about maintenance on this old house. In the end, the house is perfectly-imperfect."

And as for what's next on the to-do list for the creative family? 

"This summer, we're tackling the outdoor space."

IKEA Pendant Light; Custom Dining Table; Safavieh Dining Chairs; Eskayel Assorted Pillows; The Line Sheepskin; The Citizenry Pitcher.