Photographed by Christian Torres for LocalHaus.
Live Local

The couple's home, shared with young sons Hunter and Liam, also serves as a shared hub for local artists and creative brands, a passion project that has since grown into a steady business.

"Between starting our family and renovating a house, our life was a complete blur for quite a while," admits Lindsey. "We began taking little road trips upstate to recharge, and made a habit of checking out different homes and different locations during our trips for inspiration. After all, we were going to need to furnish nearly four floors of a large house, and we were basically starting from scratch," he adds.

"The homes we gravitated towards often included art and furniture from local makers and this community connection really resonated with us and influenced our approach to furnishing our spaces. Before long, our guesthouse experiment turned into a much broader concept, with the formation of LocalHaus. Today, our home is a staging and installation space for emerging local artists to showcase their wares in a real home environment.”

ABC Carpet & Home Armchair; Shop Joinery Rug; ABC Carpet & Home Coffee Table; Crate & Barrel Vase; Menu Lamp; Block Shop Textiles Artwork; Virginia Sin Candlestick.