Lonny Lexicon, Lesson Eight: The Chesterfield

(Source: Lonny)If, like me, you thought this was going to be a post about antique drawer chests, you've got another thing coming. The photo above probably gave it away, but a chesterfield is actually a sofa—and what a sofa it is.

The classic leather version has a luxe tufted back and high, thick, curvaceous arms. You're just as likely to find one in a gangster's club (I'm looking at you, Boardwalk Empire fans) as in Gatsby's mansion, not to mention L.A. boutique hotels (hello, Mr. C) and even the White House. How's that for diverse clientele?

(Source: Lonny)Its origins are somewhat hazy, but legend has it that the chesterfield originated in 1700's England, when the Earl of Chesterfield commissioned a new piece of furniture. Now these iconic couches come in all sorts of fabrics and sizes. Try one in your own living room and let us know which iteration you settle on!

(Source: Lonny)
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