Lonny Lexicon, Lesson Nine: Gauffrage

During a recent visit to the Ralph Lauren Home showroom—I was previewing their gorgeous new textile offerings for Fall—I was introduced to an unfamiliar term: gauffrage. One might assume that this word is the name of a fancy French cheese, but in fact, it is an ornamental, embossed design created using a heated iron. In this case, the word was used in reference to Ralph Lauren Home's Noel Mohair Gauffrage fabric in Lacquer, pictured below.

Ralph Lauren Home Noel Mohair Gauffrage, $714/yard; Ralph Lauren Home Abrielle Campaign Stool, starting at $2,025

The pattern pictured above was made with heat and pressure, essentially stamping the design into the fabric. The process works best with textiles like mohair and velvet, which have a high pile. Now, a Lonny challenge: try working gauffrage casually into a conversation. 
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