Q+A With Tiny Atlas Quarterly's Emily Nathan

We asked Tiny Atlas Quarterly founder and editor-in-chief Emily Nathan to share with us the inspirations behind her unique travel publication, what she hopes readers will take away from it and why she's expanding into print.

Tiny Atlas  Quarterly | Ph. © Alexa Miller
(Ph. © Alexa Miller)
01. Why Travel?
As “creatives”—photographers, art directors, etc.—we travel for work, a lot and all the time. We love to travel, whether for work or pleasure, but there’s a difference with the work we produce for Tiny Atlas Quarterly compared to the work we’re hired to do. Typically, we’re expected to show the same predictable images from a place. With our lifestyle approach, we try instead to show what it feels like to be in a place. For Tiny Atlas Quarterly, we feature the images that professional photographers would typically take home and put in their book of personal work. We want the product of their personal vision, rather than one that conforms to a set of expectations.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly | Lonny.comTiny Atlas Quarterly | Lonny.com
(Top photo © Erin Kunkel; bottom photo © Emily Nathan)
02. What makes TAQ different?
We’re creating a magazine that's very intimate and personal, but also useful. It’s not just imagery, it’s not just the facts, it’s both. It’s like a conversation you might have with a friend who has just returned from a trip with a great story and resources to share. We provide full itineraries featuring great stuff to do as well as where to stay and eat. We also include styling and production information because we want to be a resource to others in design and photography afield.

"We want the product of their personal vision, rather than
one that conforms to a set of expectations."

03. Why expand into print?

There are many lovely indie publications out now online and in print that inspire us. Most of our favorites though seem to be about homes and life at home. [We want to] focus on the getaway. We want to be the inspiring piece that you can tear apart and put up on your wall and enjoy in the physical form. We love the unique, immersive user experience we've built online but also want to create something of more permanence that also demonstrates our dedication to design and intention to stick around. We want to see it in our favorite shops and newsstands, too, because we love print. Oh, and who isn’t a sucker for a good ol’ fashioned press check and the smell of fresh ink?

Tiny Atlas Quarterly | Lonny.com
(Ph. courtesy Tiny Atlas Quarterly / Emily Nathan)
04.How do you decide what to feature?
Tiny Atlas Quarterly gives us a reason to go where clients don't send us. It’s been an organic process for each issue, where a theme develops as we work with our team to see what’s possible.

05. What do you hope readers take away?
We want to ignite in people a desire to explore the world and travel, near and far. To have great experiences out there -- being active, engaged and aware. The magazine is also intended as a showpiece for what design and travel can do together. We are creating our own atlas, redrawing maps from empirical evidence instead of checking off a list.
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