Q&A with Frank Carfaro

Name: Frank Carfaro
Resides in: New York City
Occupation: President and creative director of DESIRON
Best known for: Handcrafted, American-made furniture



Antique or modern? 

City or country? 
City living with a mountain escape.

Which colors do you use most? 
Slate, cream, and, this season, emerald green and brass.

Favorite materials or textures? 
Walnut, oil-quenched steel, and the leather seat of my motorcycle. 

(Photos courtesy of DESIRON)Design rule you like to break?
I like to mix materials in unexpected ways, such as using distressed steel with fine linen. Also, not sending things to China to be made less expensively. I'm all about keeping it local.

On which movie set would you like to live? 
The Italian Job. I love my toys (and Charlize isn't too bad, either). 

Who is your design hero? 
My grandfather, an ironworker from Turin, Italy, who inspired me to make and create things that are functional and beautiful. If he hadn't paved the way, I'd probably be working on Wall Street. 

What's your favorite hotel? 
To me, the best place to stay is with friends. Firing up the grill and enjoying the company and home of those you're closest to are far better than any turndown service. 

Your personal style in three words? 
Straightforward, sophisticated, all-American.


I'm the former Style Editor at Lonny.
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